Established in 1984 in Carroll County, Maryland, Central Engineering, Inc. embarked on a trajectory of excellence specializing in precision metal fabrication for intricate components. With an unwavering dedication to conducting operations in strict adherence to contractual terms, we prioritize delivering exceptional products. In a pivotal move in November 2005, the company committed to achieving ISO certification. Initial certification was received in the spring of 2006 and has been consistently renewed successfully ever since. Concentrating in both aerospace and commercial industry projects, we seamlessly handle prototype and production work. The company’s operations are grounded in design, manufacturing techniques, and interchangeability.  Implementing stringent quality control across all manufacturing phases, our team ensures the prompt delivery of high-caliber products.

Our specialized clientele requires standards and regulations beyond ISO certification. The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Program, established by the Department of Defense (DoD), serves as a comprehensive standard to ensure that entities within the U.S. defense industrial base (DIB), encompassing vendors, contractors, subcontractors, have implemented robust cybersecurity measures to safeguard sensitive data. Notably, we are aligned with its continually evolving and rigorous framework, reinforcing our steadfast commitment to excellence and security in our operations. Once CMMC 2.0 requirements have been finalized, we intend to attain certification. All machines are supported by GibbsCAM programming software, while the entire shop maintains a 100% climate-controlled environment to ensure reliability and consistency in machine and equipment performance.